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Marriage Preparation

Everything excellent that you see around you is a result of preparation.

Preparation is the key to success whether in life, marriage or career. However, many couples mistakenly devote more time preparing for the wedding day than for life after it.

What preparations do you need to make in order for your marriage to last a lifetime? Are you prepared to do what it takes to make your marriage last?

Couples can reduce their chances of frustration and increase satisfaction and happiness in their relationships with preparation and insight into the reality of marriage and what it really means.

If you consider ENCEC to be your spiritual family, please fill out the form and it would be a privilege to walk with you in your marriage journey.

      Child dedication

      Child dedication to the Lord is a vital moment for Christian believers.

      If you consider ENCEC to be your spiritual family it would be a an honor to conduct this important ceremony during our worship service or at a location of your choice.

      Please register and let us connect as we plan to dedicate your child to the Lord.

      How can we pray for you?

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